Do You Need To Replace Air Conditioning Ducts?

Ducted air conditioning system in roof

At Air Con Repair Near Me, we often get customers asking this question. Especially when they replace an old system with a new ducted reverse cycle or evaporative system.

Many homeowners would be thinking to save some money and use the existing old set of ducts. In this post, we provide some suggestions on whether it is wiser to just put in a brand-new ducted air conditioning system.

Air conditioning ducts are exposed to dust and moisture formed due to condensation during operation. Over time dust, lint, grime, the carcasses of insects, and more can all build-up in your air con ducts.

We recommend that you have your ducts cleaned or replaced if your air conditioning has been installed for over 10 years. And if you are installing new ducted air conditioning, you should always opt to put in new ducts.

Why Replace Old Air Conditioning Ducts?

Duct cleaning is good for ongoing maintenance. However, if you have an old system, duct cleaning can only accomplish so much. In some cases, it is more viable for the longer term to completely swap out the old ducts.

  • Air quality and hygiene: When it comes to the health of your family, there should be no compromise. Old air ducts can be severely clogged up with all sorts of dirt and grime. Dead carcasses of insects trapped in the ducts and other contaminations can result in the build up of bacteria. It is not good for the health of everyone to breathe in air circulated through old and dirty ducts.
  • Reduced energy efficiency: Old and dirty ducts are often clogged with grime or in some cases blocked. With airflow reduced to up to 80%. This forces your compressors to work much harder to compensate for the poor airflow and may result in much higher power consumption. Replacing old ducting or keeping them clean can save you money in terms of running costs.
  • System life cycle: Clean ducting also has the added benefit of maximising your air conditioner’s life cycle. Imagine installing a brand-new air conditioner with old ducting.

With the grime and possibly reduced airflow, your system has to work much harder to perform the heating and cooling. This shortens the life cycle of any system.

This is why we always recommend putting in new ducts with each new system installation.

Ducted air conditioning system

Why Risk a Second Call Out?

During a new installation is the best opportunity to have your ducts replaced. Since the installers are already onsite at your location, it is more economical to have them do a complete job.

Hanging on to old air conditioning ducts may result in the need to have them replaced at a later stage, which requires another call out. And air conditioning companies charge call outs based on time and human labour required for each job. Why not start everything off brand new? Ask for new ducting for each installation.

Need Advice About Air Conditioning or Duct Replacement?

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