Evaporative Air Conditioning Review

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As opposed to using a refrigerant to cool the warm air, evaporative air conditioning uses the natural process of evaporation. Due to this, the air produced is not as cold and crisp as a ducted or split system air conditioners.

But it does feel more like a refreshing cool breeze.

Although evaporative air conditioning may not be as cold as refrigerated air, it does have its benefits. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you can expect.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Review

The evaporative air conditioner has the lowest running costs when it comes to air conditioning. Lab tests have concluded that an evaporative air conditioning system can run up to 90% cheaper than a ducted or split system air conditioner.

In other words, it consumes just 1/10th of the power used by refrigerated air conditioning. This is in thanks to the evaporation process which draws warm external air in and produces cool, fresh air.

Warm air in a room is drawn into the system via a large fan and passed through dampened cooling filters. This air is cooled as evaporation happens in these damp pads. Since no refrigeration is necessary, very little power is consumed.

Better Air Quality

Homeowners prefer evaporative air conditioning as it produces better quality air.

The conditioned air feels like a cool breeze, with higher moisture content. It is gentler on the skin and easier to breathe in due to the slightly higher moisture levels in the air. Families with members who have skin or respiratory sensitivities will appreciate evaporative air conditioning.

Another plus is that you can operate an evaporative cooling system with your doors and windows wide open. This gives the home a very open and natural feel, amidst a more comfortable atmosphere.

Easy Maintenance

Evaporative air conditioning only comes with a roof unit. And maintenance is very easy. Although the ducts that run throughout a home will need periodic cleaning.

In general, evaporative air conditioning has far fewer electronic components than a ducted or split system air conditioner. This translates to a lower chance for malfunction and lower repair costs.

Who Should Consider Evaporative Air Conditioning?

If you are concerned about the budget and any long-term running costs, evaporative cooling is a great option. You can rest assured that you will not blow your power bill with an evaporative system. It consumed significantly less power and you can use it lavishly when cooling your home.

Evaporative air conditioning is also ideal if you already have home heating installed as it does not have heating capabilities, sadly. However, it is well complemented by ducted gas heating systems or wall furnaces or wood heaters.

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