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For efficient and cost-effective heating solutions, turn to space heaters. If you need installation, maintenance, or urgent repair services, Air Con Repair Near Me is here to assist you. Our highly skilled technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year, and specialise in space heaters. Contact us without hesitation for top-notch services.

What is a Space Heater?

Looking for a warm and comfortable home during winter can be achieved with an economical space heater. These heaters are small, gas-powered heating units that can be easily installed in one room and connected to the outside atmosphere.

Space heaters are a cost-effective way to heat a small area and are more affordable than ducted heating. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect fit for your home.

Types of space heaters include gas wall furnaces and gas log fireplaces.

In the event your space heater stops working on a chilly winter night, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Air Con Repair Near Me. Our team can arrive at your doorstep within an hour of your call to resolve your heating issue promptly.

We Are Experts in Space Heater Maintenance

Air Con Repair Near Me suggests regularly maintaining your space heater to maximise its lifespan and avoid potential costly issues. Our top priority is customer satisfaction and safety, and our licensed technicians can service and repair all types of space heaters.

During our comprehensive maintenance service, we will thoroughly inspect the following:

  • Internal components
  • Test for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Check the thermostat
  • Gas connections and pressures
  • Evaluate the flue condition

Our professionals arrive equipped with all necessary tools and materials to complete any repairs on-site.

We also offer expert space heater installations, so if you want to enjoy a warm and comfortable winter, don’t hesitate to contact Air Con Repair Near Me.

Why Choose AC Repair Near Me for Space Heaters?

Space heaters offer a convenient solution for heating individual rooms without having to install a full central heating system. They are suitable for a variety of users, including students who need extra warmth in their bedrooms for studying and renters who do not have access to central air conditioning.

At Air Con Repair Near Me, you can rely on our technicians who are experts in space heater technology. We have a wide selection of heaters in different styles, sizes, and colours, and we’ll help you choose the right model for your living space.

There are numerous benefits to choosing Air Con Repair Near Me for space heater service, including:

  • Technicians who are fully licensed and qualified in air conditioning
  • Ongoing training for all technicians to keep them up to date with the latest technology
  • Availability of local technicians 24/7, 365 days a year
  • A 12-month warranty on all air conditioning work, materials, and parts installed by us
  • $20 million in public liability insurance
  • State-of-the-art tracking and dispatch technology to guarantee prompt arrival
  • Arrival within an hour of your call, with no additional charges for after-hours work
  • We charge by the job, not by the hour
  • Upfront fixed-price quotes

Upon completion of the work, we will provide you with a certificate of compliance, ensuring that all work is completed to strict safety and quality standards, providing you with peace of mind.

Interest Free** Space Heater Services

Cost is an important consideration when it comes to the installation or repair of a flued gas heater. Although having a warm and cosy home during winter is desirable, it may not always align with your financial situation.

That’s why Air Con Repair Near Me offers a range of flexible payment options for eligible customers, including a range of interest free** plans. Our heating experts will guide you through the simple application process and approval is often granted within minutes.

You can choose from a variety of payment plans through our partners, Zip or Humm, and opt for weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments that fit your budget and schedule. Some plans even offer a $0 deposit, so you won’t have to pay anything upfront.

With these arrangements in place, Air Con Repair Near Me can promptly proceed with the installation, maintenance, or repair of your gas space heater.

In addition to interest-free payment plans, we also accept payments via cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express).For more information about space heaters, please contact Air Con Repair Near Me by phone or complete our online form. One of our friendly customer service representatives will respond to you promptly.

Everything You Need to Know About Space Heaters

Got any questions?

A space heater is a small, gas-operated heater installed in a single room and flued to the outside. Some are portable and can be stored away in summer while others are built in. They are economical to run and come in a range of sizes and designs, so there’s bound to be one to suit every home.

Using an energy efficient space heater is one of the cheapest ways to heat a room or living space. A gas space heater can have low running costs and provide room-filling heat, making it a highly desirable appliance.

All indoor gas heaters require a flue so that carbon monoxide is vented outside. Burning gas creates this harmful by-product, and a chimney-like flue will remove it from a home, so you don’t breathe it in.

It’s highly recommended you do not leave a space heater on for long without supervision. If you are home and in another room for a short period, that’s okay. However, you should not leave a heater on while no one is home or while sleeping as any faults could lead to a dangerous situation.

If you would like to leave a space heater on at night after you sleep, set a timer so it turns off after 30 minutes. Likewise, set a timer so the heater can turn on right before you wake up in the morning.

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